The Studio


The studio is a culmination of my life experience.  Through my private training, studies, teaching,and overcoming serious illness, this studio was created so that I can further help and provide people with the wonderful and powerful gift of healing that I have learned so far. My wish is to share with everyone that enters my path the beautiful knowledge that I have gained over my 35 years of studying the various methods and power of healing.

Emotional and Physical Healing


Healing emotional and physical wounds and illnesses is hard work,but with the right support, tools and determination it is possible.

Whether it be emotional or physical trauma,  chronic stress, or illness I am looking forward to working with you to create new pathways for healing and positive growth in your life.

About Leda


Leda has over 30 years of experience teaching performing, and competing  in wushu(Chinese martial arts), and has been involved in dance/creative movement since she was three.  

She is a tai chi master. She trained and studied under Master Bow Sim Mark ,of the Tai Chi Arts Association, as a private student for over ten years, and has taught Tai Chi both nationally and internationally.

Leda is also a Reiki Master.  She has studied Reiki under Master Starr Beauvais and often combines offering Reiki and Taichi as needed to assist her students and clients in their healing program.

In addition to Reiki and Taichi, Leda has extensively studied homeopathy at the New York School of homeopathy, Luminous School of Homeopathy and is a graduate of the Master Clinicians program under the guidance of Master Homeopath Louis Klein.

Leda also is a certified holistic cancer coach through The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education.

Leda combines her knowledge and experience from a variety of modalities to create a healing program/routine best suited for her students.