Mindful kids is a program for pre school aged children, designed to help enhance self regulation, and calm listening skills using a combination of tai chi, qi gong, deep breathing techniques, meditation and vibrational sound healing.

  • Leda uses story telling, stuffed animals and puppets to teach simple meditation and breathing exercises.
  • Fun animal imagery to teach  learn tai chi movements
  • Curious props like the tibetan chimes are used to enhance calm listening skills

Program Options:

One Day Workshop

6-10 week program

School year enrichment program

Leda is happy to customize a program for your group!

Mindful Kids Series



Move like the animals on three peaks mountain

This 6-10 week program gradually builds the children's ability to learn and practice tai chi movements. In addition to the tai chi movements, the program works on gradually cultivating self regulation and listening skills over the 6-10 week period.  Children will build up breathing and meditation skills in small increments over the course of the program.  Leda uses the story of Chang ( the legendary founder of tai chi) and his studies of the animals on Three Peaks Mountain as the foundation of this program.

 Each half hour class in this 8-10 week program will include:

  • The Song "Let the Rain Fall Down" with Qi Gong Movements
  • Exercises for strength and flexibility
  • One new tai chi  animal movement per week
  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation with Tibetan Chime


series 2: I AM A RAINBOW

Through  visual presentations, songs, storytelling,

tai chi exercises, breathing technique and meditation children will learn how to incorporate the health balancing properties of the colors

of the rainbow into their mind, body and spirit.

Each half hour class in the 6-10 week program will include:

  • The Song "Golden Ball" with Qi Gong Movements
  • Exercises for strength and flexibility
  • One new color of the rainbow each week with corresponding exercises,  their amazing properties based on the chakra system
  •  A short talk of the fruits and vegetables that correspond with the color of the week
  • Exercising to the the sounds/music of various artists who promote holistic wellbeing-being for chidlren
  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation with Tibetan Chime

Please contact Leda for more information