The Tao of mindfulness

Leda elliott

Guided Mindfulness in the Workplace

Supporting the well-being and development of employees is critical for small and large companies to succeed.    

Stress management is a life skill that is often taken for granted. I have learned throughout my career that creating a safe space to fall back during times of stress is important because that space allows to return to our TAO and authentic self.

Leda ellioty

Connect to your inner flow


My workshops teach to help create a safe space at work to allow employees to recalibrate during stressful times  in order to connect to their inner flow.

The hour long session facilitates stress management through a talk, guided meditation practice and simple exercises  involving breath/energy work and present-moment awareness followed by an open discussion.  Practicing  these methods regularly have  been proven to lower stress, sharpening the mind, giving participants the ability to enhance focus and engage with others more effectively.

Leda elliott

Finding your TAO

Finding authentic connection to your inner flow allows you to better connect to the flow of others as well.  

When you are better connected with your TAO , there is a synergistic reaction that creates positive energy in the workplace.  This in turn translates into increased productivity, which manifests profitability and abundance.

cultivating peace and harmony in the workplace


Booking Your Workshop

If you are interested in booking  "Mindfulness@Work" with Leda. Please contact her directly at: