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Workshops that nourish the mind, body and spirit

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 In this presentation and workshop, Leda talks about methods to stop the brain from taking charge of your body and spirit. and demonstrates  simple techniques to  re educate the brain to respond or not respond to stimuli and information in a more holistic and intuitive way. Simple techniques  to calm the mind, and to better get in touch with your authentic self will be introduced.   Find out how the brain can either help or hinder us in healing from illnesses.


In this workshop participants will be introduced to some basic concepts, exercises and movements from tai chi which enhance the mind/body connection and cultivate harmony and balance in the mind, body and spirit.  


 Through story telling, animal imagery, and the use of puppets, stuffed animals, and Tibetan chimes, Leda teaches  simple Tai Chi movements, meditation, breathing, and self-regulation skills customized for children's needs.    Leda uses the power of imagery, sounds and gentle movements to teach self-regulation skills and enhance calm listening skills in young children.  


Supporting the well-being and development of employees is critical for small and large companies to succeed.    

My workshops teach to help create a safe space at work to allow employees to recalibrate during stressful times  in order to connect to their inner flow (TAO).  

The hour long session facilitates stress management through a talk, 30-minute guided meditation practice and simple exercises  involving breath/energy work and present-moment awareness followed by an open discussion


When faced with a diagnosis such as breast cancer, one of the biggest hurdle is overcoming the paralyzing fear that comes with the word “cancer” itself, and the uncertainty that tags along with it. 

By finding inner balance and harmony, you will be able to make decisions from a place of calm, instead of fear, which is crucial in your healing journey from cancer.  This workshop  will help you develop skills and tools to build courage and promote a sense of peace and well being in your mind, body and spirit.


A Workshop to cultivate calm and build resilience

These are trying times, but incorporating mindful practices into your daily routine can help calm anxiety and build coping skills. Learning how to tolerate and manage the uncertainty through focus.  Mindfulness@ HOME is a virtual workshop designed to teach skills that can easily be applied to reduce stress and anxiety and promoting inner calm.