ZOOM classes with leda

Revitalize and Strengthen with the Spring Series

All Classes incorporate the healing arts of TaiChi and Qi Gong and teach techniques to revitalize ,  build strength and resilience through breath and energy work.

 Please register below  for classes at least one hour prior to the scheduled time.

Once you register, you will receive your ZOOM ID and password 1 hour before class.

Please note that all classes are held in Eastern Standard Time,

Beginner Special! Unlimited One week of TaiChi@HOME Classes

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For those new to TaiChi,  this is a special introductory offer just for you!  You are invited to sign up for a week of unlimited beginner and level 1 TaiChi@HOME Classes.

Once you register,  you will receive your ZOOM meeting ID and password 1 hour  prior to each class for one week, from the date of your purchase.  Please see the ZOOM class schedule at the top of the page.

The Spring Series - thru June 19th

In addition to the regular program, all classes currently include the Spring time Qi Gong exercises which encourage renewal, revitalization and growth.  In addition, every Wednesday, Rooting Pine Meditation will taught.  The class is designed to induce. a deep sense of calm in the mind,body and sprit.

class descriptions

Beginner TaiChi@HOME

 30 minute class 

  • basic breathing techniques 
  • qi gong  to cultivate calm
  • the foundations of grounding 
  • few of the movements from the Essence of TaiChi Form.  

This class is recommended for those who are brand new to TaiChi. 

Level 1 TaiChi@HOME

60 minute class

  • breathing techniques which build on exercises taught in the beginner level class
  • mind/body coordination exercises
  • further development of grounding technique combined with mindful movements to enhance calm and harmony of the mind and body
  • introduction to  TaiChi flexibility training 
  • the Essence of TaiChi form (a 32 step routine)

This class is recommended for those that have taken a few beginner level classes with Leda.

A video lesson of the Essence of TaiChi form is available for purchase though the website.

Level 2 TaiChi@HOME

60 minute class

  • intermediate breathing technique
  • rooting pine qigong series
  • techniques to counter opposing forces (negativity, anxiety, force, conflict)
  • TaiChi flexibility training
  • mind/body coordination
  • balance work
  • the Essentials of TaiChi form

This class is recommended for those who have learned the Essence of TaiChi routine, and are comfortable with all the exercises from Beginner and Level 1 classes.

Breath Work and Energy Flow

30 minute class

  • breathing techniques to cultivate calm and harmony in the mind, body and spirit
  • basics of qi gong energy awareness
  • self healing techniques

This class is opened for all levels.  The class focuses on breath work and energy flow to help assist students in developing internal awareness.  

Rooting Pine Meditation

30 minute class

This class I opened for all levels.  Rooting pine is a gentle for of QiGong Meditation designed to induce a deep sense of calm in the mind, body and spirit,  which as a result creates  internal equilibrium and harmony.

Tai Chi ARts program

If you are interested in learning more about the TaiChi Arts Program or becoming a certified TaiChi instructor please download the file below.